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Our 4 Step Process


We'll meet with you so we know not only what your business does but your ideas for the company. This helps us come up with an initial design that fits with your company's brand and showcases what you're all about!


We work on creating a Prototype at this point. It helps us visualize the site and gives us a good stepping off point. We'll work with you after this to tweak the Prototype and make sure it's exactly what you are looking for in a site.


After our initial design is done, we get into development. We'll keep you updated with each draft so we know we're heading in the right direction. During this part of the process we also start optimizing for Search Engines.


Once we're all done, it's time to go live! We push the site to live servers and monitor it daily to ensure there is no downtime. We also keep track of keywords and new optimization processes so you're always at the top of searches.

Why AP For Your Website Project?

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ADA Compliance

ADA, or American Disabled Association Optimization

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