AP's Perfect Gift Guide!

Whether you are looking for a gift for your employees, clients or friends it can always be difficult picking out the right thing! That’s why us here at AP Technology have put together a great little list of gift ideas. It’s not an end all be all list but it’s a great place to start and has a few ideas for everyone, the techies and more traditionalists alike. So let’s get straight into this list.

1. Power bank

A power bank is a great idea for the professional on the go! This nifty little gift comes in handy for anyone who finds themselves needing a charge on the go. They can range in price and voltage. Typically even power banks on the lower end of the price range can provide up to 2 full charges. With the ability to fast charge a device as well it’s a great place to start if you are looking for a gift for anyone in your life!
Here’s a link to a great entry level power bank: Click here.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Another great place to look for gifts is in the Bluetooth Speaker market. They come in all shapes and sizes. They make a great alternative to conference phones and a lot of them come with a speaker set up for music or podcast listening! Some speakers, like the Google home or Amazon Alexa, even come with a built in assistant that can help with smart home features like turning on lights or controlling a smart thermostat.
A good place to start would be here: Click here.

3. Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kits are the perfect gift for someone with a green thumb and a desk job! These nifty little contraptions act like a small garden that you can sit and forget. It’s perfect for that busy person in your life that likes to have plants in their home or office. They can also be used for succulents or air plants to add a bit of green to their office. They come in multiple sizes and shapes to accentuate an office or home perfectly.
Interested in Terrarium Kits? Check these out.

4. Water Bottles

A branded water bottle can do multiple things. It’ll help the receiver stay hydrated and also keep your company on their mind. These make an excellent gift that will not only make your clients and friends happy, but it will also help start conversations and has the possibility of bringing in new referrals. There’s plenty of places you can get started with this and a lot of shops offer great pricing and quick turnaround times on getting them shipped.
Here’s a great place to get started: Click here.


5. Desktop Board Game

A great fun gift idea would be a desktop board game. There’s a whole slew of different options to choose from. Everything from a mini ski ball machine to a tabletop version of cornhole. They are perfect for anyone who paces or fidgets with pens at their desk, as they give them something to do. You can also get them in a branded version, to keep your company on your client’s mind. 
Thinking about getting them a game? Click here.

 6. Wireless Charging Pad

The last gift on our list is perfect for someone who constantly forgets their charging cable at home or just needs a bit more convenience in their lives. Wireless charging has become one of the latest tech trends. A majority of flagship phones have the capability to utilize wireless charging, some can even use it while fast charging. A wireless charger is a perfect gift for anyone who is in and out of their office. They come in all prices and shapes, while always offering a similar base product. 
Interested in Wireless chargers? Check these out.


And with that our Holiday list is complete. Hopefully these amazing gift ideas have gotten you on the right track to finding the perfect gift for your clients, friends or family. We only covered a small list but there are plenty more options where these came from! As always thanks for reading and Happy Holidays from the AP Technology crew!


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