How do I add my business to google and google maps?


How do I add my business to google and google maps?

This is one of the most asked questions we get. If you aren’t familiar with google my business or google maps I’ll paint you a quick picture.

What is Google my business? 

Google my business is a free and easy way for businesses to manage their presence across Google. This allows you to manage information about your company, such as:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Website URL
  • Hours of Operation
  • Service Areas
  • Short Company Bio
  • Logo
  • Interior & Exterior Pictures
  • Services

Now that you know what GMB (Google My Business) is let’s go through the steps of adding your business to google and google maps.

STEP 1: Signing in

** For this step you will need a free google account: you can sign up for this free account here


Go to

Click Manage Now

Sign in with your google account

Once signed in you will be directed to a page where you find your business name.

STEP 2: Entering your business name

Since your business isn’t listed on Google yet you will need to scroll to the bottom where you will see in blue text “Add Your Business To Google” Then you will enter your business name. Be sure to put in exactly what you want your business name to show as. For example: if your business has an LLC at the end, and you don’t want that to show, then you will no want to add that in the name. Once you have entered your business name hit next.

STEP 3: Can customers come see you in the office?

On the next screen it will ask you if you want to add a location like a shop, store front, or office that customers can come visit you at. If you have a place where customers can come see you at then you would want to hit yes. Hitting yes on this will populate your business listing in Google Maps which is super helpful!

STEP 4: Entering your address

On the next screen it will have you enter your business address. Be sure to have this accurate. Google will try and verify that you are an actual business by sending you a post card in the mail. More on this will be explained in later steps. Now, after you hit next on the address it may ask you to drag a marker on a map to mark exactly where your office is.

STEP 5: Do you serve customers outside the office?

Once you have done that the next screen will ask you if you serve your customers outside your location. Hit no if you don’t go to the customers location. If you do visit customers at their location then hit yes.

STEP 6: What areas do you service?

The next screen will then ask you what your service areas are. During the initial setup you will be only allowed to enter one city/state. Don’t worry, you can enter more later!

STEP 7: Choose your Business Category

On the next screen it will ask you to choose a category that best explains what your business is. If you can’t find exactly what type of business you are that’s ok! Just get as close as you can.

STEP 8: Basic Information

It will then ask you for your phone number, and website URL. Be sure in the phone number field you include your area code. In the website field we recommend putting https:// or http:// depending on your website ssl situation. Example: or if you don’t have an ssl certificate do

STEP 9: Finishing & Verification Method

Once you have done this it will ask you to click finish and it will forward you to a page asking how you want to verify with Google. (Remember from up there ^? I told you this would come back up!) Verifying by postcard is the most common way Google handles this part. Be sure to check that the business address you entered is correct.

This part is important. Verifying your business let’s Google know that you are legit. Once your business has been verified your business listing will be show on Google and you will be able to go in the listing to make edits and you will also be able to start receiving reviews!

WOW! Congratulations on helping take your business to the next level. That wasn’t so bad now was it? If you are having issues with this process or, don’t have the time to optimize your business profile on Google then drop us a message! Our qualified and dedicated team can fully optimize your listing, making your online presence as professional as possible.

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