How often should I update my website?


How often should I update my website?

This is a very common question for small business owners and freelancers.  It is always important for the content on your website to be as up to date as possible, but does this mean posting something new every day?  Every week?  What is “new” or “fresh” content?  If these questions are clouding your mind, don’t fret!  Keep reading to see some ideas on updating your website content.

First off: Why Should I Update My Content?

As mentioned, it’s vital to keep your content fresh.  Your content is a representation of you.  You don’t want your audience to think you are not keeping up with the times or with current events.  Also, it is important for your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  The more current your content the more likely your website will be visited and generate more business.  In addition to this, it also makes your users happier.  If they are happy, then they are more likely to recommend your site to others, thus continually expanding your brand.

What is “Fresh Content”

Fresh content is anything new to a particular website, but also does not appear on the web anywhere else in the exact same way.  It should be something the website in question has never seen before.

So, How Often Should I Update My Site?

How often you update your site really depends on what you are doing with your site.  Whether or not it’s a corporate blog or a sports blog, each of them requires a different amount of updating:

Corporate Sites or Blogs: These sites showcase a company and its services.  These are a little difficult to update due to the fact that once the initial setup is complete, there isn’t much else to publish.  The way to rectify this is by creating a blog to go with the site.  Blogs can fit in any site setup, but they come with a few dangers.  Often owners do not allocated enough time and resources.  Also, not providing useful information can cause a blog to fail.

Sports/Fashion/Lifestyle Sites and blogs: These sites tend to deal with trending topics, things that can change on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis.  It is vital to update these kinds of sites multiple times a day to keep fresh content flowing in.

Normal Site or Blog: These sites provide information that is continually relevant.  These include weight loss guides, travel tips, style blogs and others.  Typically, you’ll want to post on these types of sites and blogs about 3 times per week, as there is now reason to have to update daily

Well here it is: your guide to posting!  All it takes is determining the type of site you have and posting accordingly.  Happy updating! –Aaron

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