Hiring a Professional VS DIY Website


Hiring a Professional VS DIY Website

Starting a business?

The time has now come. You just completed your business plan and filed for your EIN. You finalized your budget with your accountant and has set up your business profile on Google. Now comes the hard part – deciding on who you want to do your website. You have done extensive research and conferred with your budget twice. You are torn between building your own website or having it done professionally. You have weighed all of the pros and cons of both options and are still stuck on what you should do.

Going the website builder route.

Popular website builder platforms such as Squarespace, GoDaddy and Wix are a few of the popular choices amongst businesses whom choose to build their website on their own. And why not? Most of these options are inexpensive. Website builders also have a visual page editor which makes it quite easy to edit various elements on the website itself in real-time.

Before the invention of this “website-in-a-box” concept, many businesses were having to learn complex and complicated html codes in order to build their website from scratch. But thanks to Wix, Weebly and many other website building platforms, many businesses, especially small businesses, are enjoying the user-friendly interface of creating their own website in minutes versus months.

So let’s review – using one of these platforms will allow you to easily create stunning website in minutes. Well, there’s a downside. Business owners who chooses to do DIY websites are trying to cut down on costs and also want to have their website up and running in minutes. I have received numerous calls from small business owners asking me for advice, guidance or even help on these DIY websites. Even using Wix, I still have multiple people emailing me for advice because the site wasn’t as easy to use as they initially thought.

Why You Should go the professional route.

Websites are a process.

Did you know the average website designer takes about 6-8 weeks to complete a single website? Were you aware that most website companies have an extensive project management system in place to complete just one website? Seriously.

Here are a few steps in one company’s project management system:

  • Project kick-off
  • Collection of client deliverables
  • Custom theme design
  • Optimization for search

These are just 4 steps from their 90-point project plan.

As you can see, building websites are a process. Splashing some color around and displaying your logo may work for you at the moment, but if you are wanting to improve your SEO ranking and increasing traffic to your website –  you may want to rethink about getting a professional to do your website.

Have a trusted professional help you build your dream website.

Having a professional web designer to help guide you through this complex process will help you understand more in depth of what all goes into crafting a website.

An experienced web designer will also discuss with you how to properly design your website that will help you boost your SEO ranking. And at companies like ours, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the website you want and the website your business needs.

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