The Importance of an SSL Certificate


The Importance of an SSL Certificate

A hacker hacks onto to your website, steals your information and then holds it for ransom. Sounds like a 90’s sci-fi movie right? Actually no – this exact scenario has happened to some of the biggest corporations in the past year. As of right now, it has been reported hackers has gained access to US power grid controls. Scary.

It is no wonder why cyber security is at the forefront of all our minds; especially when making purchases online.

Small businesses are the most susceptible to cyber attacks. It is reported that small businesses who become victims of cyber attacks goes out of business after 6 months. Small businesses who succumb to cyber attacks didn’t have antivirus software, firewall and most importantly an SSL certificate. Most experts conclude that not having a SSL certificate will leave your website vulnerable for hackers and spam.

What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates are data files which encrypt an organization’s information. You can detect that a site has installed an SSL certificate on their web browser by the padlock in the search bar. Secured site addresses are usually preceded by an https as opposed to an http. If a website receives data that includes personal information such as social security numbers, credit card information or important messages that you wouldn’t want intercepted, then it’s important to secure the website with an SSL certificate.

What do SSL certificates do?

The main function of an SSL certificate is to secure data that’s being transferred between servers. As data is transferred from an organization’s website to a server, that information is susceptible to being intercepted by a hacker. If the information is encrypted with an SSL certificate, then the hacker won’t be able to interpret the information.

Why You Should Have an SSL certificate.

Many consumers are apprehensive in regards to trusting sites that are not secured with an SSL certificate. That little padlock has a whole lot of influence on how much customers trust a website. Many people have browser settings that will warn them, if not block them, from visiting sites that don’t have an SSL certificate. By not having a SSL certificate, it could cause your business to lose a lot of money!

Not only can having an SSL certificate help increase traffic by establishing legitimacy, but Google announced that they would incorporate SSL certification into their algorithm for determining search rankings. Secure websites will increase their online presence while also establishing trust with its consumers.

In recent case study conducted by Verisign, a website reported a 30% increase in conversion rates and displaying an SSL badge on their website. Some sites have seen conversion rates increase by as much as 87%.

Creating a safer environment for everyone using the internet and deterring hackers is the most important benefit of purchasing an SSL certificate.

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